Natural gas is distributed by the Paris-Henry County Public Utility District. The district is a nonprofit municipal corporation serving the towns of Paris, Puryear, Whitlock, Cottage Grove, Tennessee, and Hazel, Kentucky.

ANR Pipeline Company, a division of El Paso, one of 12 major pipelines in the U. S., has proven to be a reliable supplier. Natural gas has never been curtailed during the 40-year relationship with the gas district.

The Paris-Henry County Gas Utility District serves 6000 residential and commercial customers as well as 14 industrial customers. Rates to industrial customers are negotiable depending upon load and volume.

Facilities are available to deliver gas from four ounces to 250 pounds pressure at the customer meter through lines ranging from 3/4-inch to 6-inch.

Industrial Monthly Rates
October 2013 $6.44
November 2013 $6.92
December 2013 $7.02
January 2014 $7.48
February 2014 $7.70
March 2014 $7.70
April 2014 $7.61
May 2014 $7.61
June 2014 $7.43
July 2014 $7.20
August 2014 $6.59
September 2014 $6.79