Retire Henry County

Small town charm with all the amenities!

When folks who have found Paris and Henry County tell their friends about us, one word comes into the conversation-“charmed.” And we couldn’t agree more! Rich in history and Southern culture, our community is just the right size to know your neighbors yet large enough for retired individuals to maintain an active lifestyle. It truly is a charmed existence.


Paris/Henry County, TN has been where we call home for the past thirteen years. The weather is wonderful, the fishing good and best of all, the people are friendly and helpful. The cost of living is also reasonable. One never runs out of things to do, as many of the organizations and the library have many programs that are available to all. Living here has been all that we have expected our retirement to be. We have movies, a live theater, bowling alley, water aerobics and many other senior activities and some of the good old south cooking in our restaurants.

— Al and Carole Walsh

Everything Retirement Should Be

I retired to Paris, TN from Philadelphia, PA in 1987 and have been very pleased with my decision. Comparing this city with 12 other communities (6 states) in which I have lived, Paris is the “BEST”. The city and county municipal services, the taxes, utilities, health care, civic clubs, churches and facilities for the arts are more than just acceptable. The community is a giving, caring and friendly center beyond what most would expect. One cannot retire in Paris without becoming involved and loving the place.

— Albert R. Walker

Happy Retiree

After 40+ years in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, I no longer hear airplanes taking off day and night. I can hear the clock strike the hour on the courthouse clock. I know people everywhere I go. The mention of God in the media is not unusual. From our den, we watch the brightest array of birds imaginable. The wail of a siren is unusual enough that the dogs frequently howl with it (never in Texas because it blended in with the background noise). The sky is so blue. I don’t see the horizon as being brown. My shoulder surgery couldn’t have turned out better anywhere else. Gerry (my wife) and I frequently look at each other and remark how glad we are that we are here.

— Randy Scholes

Peace & Quiet