Paris-Henry County Taxes

Taxes and Public Finance Tax assessments in Paris and Henry County are made by the Henry County Assessor of Property. There is no State tax on real property in Tennessee. The following property tax rates per $100.00 evaluation are in effect for Paris and Henry County.

Paris Special School District 1: 0.5560

City Property Tax: 0.6314

County Property Tax: 2.0621

Total: $3.2495

Sales Tax: State – 7.0% (6% for food and food ingredients for human consumption); Local – 2.75%

Assessment Practice

See State Taxes on Corporations for information on assessment practices.

Total Tax – Appraised Value

(includes personal property)

City – $433,241,270

County (2001) – $1,451,322,380

Bonded Debt

City – $4,748,000

County (2001) – $20,000,000